06.10.2021 - 08.10.2021       BelExpo

BelTexIndustry - 2021 is a unique fashion event offering leading and developing fashion brands, high-quality manufacturers and suppliers of the light and textile industry of the Republic of Belarus and foreign countries (the Republic of Poland, Ukraine, the Russian Federation, the Turkish Republic, the Republic of Uzbekistan) to demonstrate their products to the leading buyers of clothing throughout Belarus and not only.

You will receive a wide range of services related to the textile industry:
- Garments and knitwear;
- Textiles and linen;
- Products from leather and fur, hats;
- Shoes and leather goods;
- Equipment and fittings.

BelTexIndustry is constantly expanding and enriching its program, aiming not only to meet demand but also to increase awareness of fashion trends, stimulate the market and provide an exciting program.


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